The Handbook of
Power Productivity for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Teams

Do you want to be more powerful, proactive, and productive, with better results in everything you touch? Do you want your team operating like that? This book teaches you how.

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Everyone has the power to improve productivity and performance. This book reveals exactly how. It’s built upon the six core elements of being an A PLAYER.

Heighten your awareness of both opportunities and pitfalls. Act faster to make the most of every opening and steer clear of every disaster. Stay a step ahead and control your life and work – don’t let them control you.
Get tips to tame that never-ending to-do list. Spot the top-priority tasks with certainty, then pursue them all the way to done. Defeat distraction, cut confusion, accomplish what’s really important without stress.
It ALL comes down to being productive. When you’re proactive, choose the right priorities, stay positive and harness your native passion and power, you rocket your productivity. Bigger and better results.
Learn how to harness your passion to attain stellar results. Learn the role passion plays in any job, and why everyone wins when you focus where your passions lie. This will become your competitive advantage.
Discover the magic of being positive, helpful and communicative. Learn how to maximize your positive impact on teammates and the world around you – and turn their power to your advantage.
Learn how to take charge of your life and push your ideas through to reality. Unleash super-charged determination, confidence and energy – and master tools for channeling them to reach any objective.

What readers are saying

“Working with teams for more than 25 years, I know how hard it is to make sure everyone is productive. A PLAYERS is a good scoop both for you as a leader, and for your team.”

nancy Keld Jensen Asst. Professor, Thunderbird University

“A great checklist for the kind of people a CEO should be looking for. Toke’s recommendations on how to find the ‘diamonds’ come from tangible experience and should be applied by any startup.”

nancy Henrik Zillmer CEO and founder of Airhelp

“Having the best possible team is key to success. But how do you make sure your team is performing at its best?

A PLAYERS has the answer.”

nancy Tobias Schelle CEO & founder of

Who should read my book?

Entrepreneurs, leaders and teams at every level can be A PLAYERS. This is your practical guide to discover and master the foundation skills of power and achievement.



Whether you’re already an A PLAYER or working hard to become one, read this book. Put it to work and excel.


Team Leaders

Be a better leader. Recruit and develop A PLAYERS. This book is your guide, with helpful advice on how to hire, inspire and build your A TEAM.



Make every team member an A PLAYER and forge an aligned, unstoppable A TEAM.

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About the Author

Toke Kruse

Toke Kruse is a serial entrepreneur with more than ten startups to his credit. He is the CEO and founder of Billy’s Billing, creators of small business accounting software in plain English. Toke is also a widely-read blogger, and has authored several earlier books on entrepreneurship, small business marketing and management.

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